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Must have minimum of 3 years experience operating a 40" flatbed diecutter. Blanking and stripping experience requested, but we are willing to train. This is a part-time position on 3rd shift where the hours will flex depending on workload.

Color Management Team Leader

Job Description

The Color Management Team Leader at LCP, Inc. is expected to possess the level of trade skills as required to calibrate an offset press, digital proofing system, digital press, inkjet device or any other CMYK imaging device using the IDEAlliance G7® method.

G7 is defined as:

  1. An implementation of the new ISO 10128 standard for “Near-Neutral” calibration.
  2. A specification for consistent gray scale appearance that is universally applicable to all color imaging processes.
  3. A calibration technique to adjust image values within an imaging system to meet the G7 specification.
  4. An enhanced basis for process control in any imaging process.
  5. A basis for “shared appearance” that aligns the appearance of diverse printing methods or classes as closely as possible to each other without additional color management.


Developed originally for halftone laminate proofing systems, G7 has since been applied successfully to a wide range of other processes including offset lithography, gravure, flexography, dye-sublimation, ink-jet, electrophotography, screen printing and photographic printing. Using simple 1-dimensional curves, G7 yields the closest possible visual match between different imaging systems that can be achieved without more complex multi-dimensional systems such as ICC color management.

The Color Management Team Leader is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of all electronic and digital prepress equipment and processes according to the rules and procedures established by LCP, Inc. and documented through Company Policies, Quality Manual and Standard Operating Procedures (Work Instructions), and applicable operating manuals.


The Color Management Team Leader shall be responsible for successfully guiding LCP, Inc. through the following G7 Master Printer Qualifications Programs:

  1. G7 Grayscale
  2. G7 Targeted
  3. G7 Process Control
  4. G7 Colorspace


The Color Management Team Leader shall be responsible for the successfully obtaining the following LCP, Inc. supported qualifications

Qualification Requirements – Color Management Team Leader:

  1. Certified G7 Professional
  2. Certified G7 Process Control Professional


The Color Management Team Leader is expected to work in unison displaying the following work standards:

  • Demonstrate the ability to handle many issues, items and functions at one time and deal rapidly with multiple items in prioritized sequence.
  • Demonstrate flexibility to adjust to changing requirements, standards and technologies.
  • Demonstrate ability to manage training through to completion, maximizing abilities and overall team strength.
  • Demonstrate initiative to seek out training/knowledge to maximize abilities and overall team strength.
  • Demonstrate an analytical approach to problem solving.
  • Demonstrate the ability to act on own initiative.
  • Demonstrate the ability to initiate and maintain clear, cordial and open relationships with customers, peers, supervisory personnel and team members.
  • Help others achieve their best.
  • Quickly build and maintain positive relationships.
  • Demonstrate willingness to accept direction from superiors and peers to improve quality and performance.
  • Demonstrate willingness to work together with peers, direct reports and other departments to improve quality and performance.
  • Demonstrate willingness to accept “other duties as assigned” from superiors and LCP management to improve work processes and profitability.