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Plant Scheduler

Job Responsibilities

The Scheduler is responsible scheduling all areas of production in order to assure continuous, uninterrupted production of project elements in a way that serves Lake County Press, Inc. requirements for production efficiency and economy and the customer’s expectation of on-time delivery.  The scheduler will interact with Sales, Customer Service, Planning, Purchasing and Manufacturing Staff as necessary to obtain and circulate required information.

Apply production standards to job planning requirements in order to determine the time requirements for production processes.

Prioritize production requirements in order to achieve customer delivery specifications.

Schedule processes to achieve customer satisfaction and production efficiencies.

Demonstrate the ability to input data into the Computerized Estimating System maintain data integrity, process data and produce reports necessary to assure efficient scheduling.

Demonstrate the ability to respond rapidly to changing customer requirements and production capabilities.

Demonstrate the ability to deal cordially with individuals in stressful conditions.


Bachelor of Arts degree -or- 2 years of academic education in the graphic arts

and/or  Minimum 5 years in scheduling, estimating or job planning with a printing company which produces the same or similar products as LCP

The ability to read and write in English

Math skills; including, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers and fractions.